Sea Eagle Yacht Tender Review

The Sea Eagle Yacht Tender is designed to transport individuals from the shore to their yachts in a safe yet stylish way. When it comes to Sea Eagle inflatable boats, they’re a popular choice and for very good reason.

Sea Eagle Yacht Tender Reviews – An Overview

Sea Eagle Yacht TenderThese inflatable boats are built with comfort and convenience in mind and are also strong, durable, and lightweight. This model is very easy to inflate and assemble but also takes very little time to deflate and store. The secure drop stitch floor allows passengers to safely stand up to board the yacht, in even rough and choppy waters. This makes the system safe for even beginner yachtsmen. The construction material is puncture resistance and can withstand being hit with the sharp claw end of a hammer. So occasional bumps and scrapes will not harm the boat in any way.

Sea Eagle’s 8.10 Yacht Tender is equipped with a variety of standard features, including an inflatable high pressure drop stitch floor, all around rope lacing for added stability, a bow carry handle, two side D-rings for towing, pivoting oarlocks, a self-bailing drain valve, all around rubbing strake for extra protection, and a cone shaped rear pontoons for sharp turning. The model also comes with its own personal and durable carry bag, as well as repair kit and printed instruction manual.

There are also a variety of specifications that are unique to the Sea Eagle Yacht Tender which distinguish it from other models of Sea Eagle boats. Its spacious interior is a 5′ 9″ x 2′ 6″ square feet and when deflated, only takes up 39″ x 24″ x 9″ cubic inches. It has a tube diameter of 17 inches and can hold up to four people or up to 1067 pounds in its four chambers. It weighs 59 pounds and is constructed from a durable 1000 Denier Reinforced material with a quadruple overlap seam. This model features a drop stitch high pressure inflatable floor and recessed deluxe one way air valves.

There are two discount packages available with this particular model. They are designed to offer a variety of additional accessories at an affordable cost to the customer. This eliminates the need to travel to several different sporting goods stores to find the equipment at the desired prices.

The first is the 8.10 yt Deluxe package. Included in this package are a drop stitch floor, aluminum bench seat, A50 Bellows foot pump, and collapsible oar set. This is a great stylish way for people of all ages to get to their boats comfortably and leisurely.

The 8.10 yt Ultimate Package features the Torqueedo 1003S motor, drop stitch floor, aluminum bench seat, collapsible oar set, and A50 Bellows foot pump. This package is ideal for a serious yachtsman looking for a safe and reliable piece of equipment.

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