Sea Eagle 12.6 SR RIK Sport Runabout Review

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The Sea Eagle 12.6 SR RIK Sport Runabout is a mid-size inflatable sporting boat that is durable, versatile, and easy to store and transport. The 4-inch deep Rigid Inflatable Keel (RIK) is capable of slicing through rough, choppy waters to provide a fun, yet, safe piece of equipment. It is only 147 pounds, allowing it to be transported on the top of an SUV and eliminating the need for a trailer — a huge selling point of Sea Eagle inflatable boats.

Sea Eagle 12.6 SR Sport Runabout – A Review

Sea Eagle 12.6 SR Sport RunaboutThe Sea Eagle 12.6 SR RIK Sport Runabout comes with several standard features that provide safety, stability, and durability. First and foremost, these inflatable boats are NMMA and CE certified. It contains plastic floorboards that are easy to assemble, yet provide strength and long-term durability.

The boat also contains a 5/8-inches all-around grab line for safety, as well as rounded rear pontoons that allow for rapid planning. It also features splash guard on transom, and built-in oarlocks that pop up instantly and allow for quick and easy rowing.

The Sea Eagle 12.6 SR RIK Sport Runabout is also equipped for towing and has two stainless steel D-rings for this purpose. It is also easy to transport and contains four carry handles as well as a front lifting handle. The rubbing strakes around the hull and under the keel, as well as the two layers of material on the lower tubes provide for high quality protection against the occasional scrape or ding. The carry bag for transporting the boat is also included.

The specifications for this particular Sea Eagle Sport Runabout model differentiate this boat from the others in its series. Its roomy interior is 8’6″ by 2’8″ feet, yet when collapse, it only takes up 46″ by 26″ by 12″ for the hull and 31″ by 38″ by 4″ for the floorboards. It has a capacity to hold up to six adults or a total weight of 1600 pounds. The Sea Eagle 12.6 SR RIK Sport Runabout contains four chambers and is made out of a 1000 Denier reinforced material. The floorboards are made of molded polyethylene. Its engine capacity is 30 horsepower and it can reach a maximum speed of 23 miles per hour with two adults, or 18 miles per hour with four adults. The total inflation and assembly time is about 25 minutes.

The 12.6SRRIK Deluxe Package is ideal for a fun and social boating trip and includes the boat along with several accessories. Included in the package are the Sea Eagle 12.6 SR RIK Sport Runabout, molded floorboards, an aluminum bench seat, a bow storage bag, a collapsible oar set, and a foot pump.

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