Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 Review

The Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 is Sea Eagle’s newest model of boat. This particular model is a versatile inflatable paddle board that can be used either standing up or sitting down. Even though it is inflatable, its high pressure system is very rigid and stable yet extremely maneuverable. It is comparable to a fiberglass board.

Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 Review – An Overview

Sea Eagle LongBoard 11The Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 is equipped with several standard features that are characteristic of all Sea Eagle models. Additionally, it features several specific amenities that distinguish it from the other Sea Eagle inflatable boats.

The Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 is capable of accommodating a standing or sitting passenger, and allows for paddling both ways. It contains D-rings and shock cords to securely attach any gear or materials that need to be attached to the system. The drop stitch inflatable construction provides a high level of stability and rigidity to the system. The Sea Eagle LongBoard 11also features a skid resistant pad.

The specific style of this boat allows the user to quickly switch between sit down paddling or stand up paddling, adding to the versatility and range of activities it allows.

The specifications of this model make it one of the more unique inflatable boats offered by Sea Eagle. Its size is 11′ x 2’6″ square feet, but when deflated, it only takes up 20″ x 16″ x 9″ cubic inches and weighs just 25 pounds. It has a total capacity of one adult with a total of 250 pounds. The Sea Eagle LongBoard is constructed from a durable Reinforced Drop Stitch material and takes only a total of four minutes to inflate and assemble. The seam is a very strong quadruple overlap style and the boat also features one way air valves.

There are two discount packages offered that contain the Sea Eagle LongBoard. The first is the LongBoard 11 Start Up Package. It includes the LongBoard 11 boat, and SUP paddle, and SUP high pressure pump, a carrybag, and a pressure gauge. This package will give any consumer a great workout as well as a fun trip.

The next package is the Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 Deluxe Package. This package is equipped with the LongBoard 11 boat, a 7’10″ AB30 paddle, an SUP paddle, and inflatable seat, an SUP high pressure pump, a carrybag, and a pressure gauge. This package is also designed to give the consumer a great workout along with a scenic view of the surroundings. It allows for comfortable stand up as well as sit down paddling.

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