Sea Eagle Inflatable Boat Reviews

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There’s no shortage of glowing Sea Eagle inflatable boat reviews due to the fact that these incredibly popular watercrafts are built with the finest materials known to man and made to last. Sea Eagle inflatable boats have a long history of providing the best performance at an affordable price, and there’s a reason why they’re the most desirable inflatable boat in existence today.

Sea Eagle Inflatable Boat Review

Sea Eagle Inflatable Boat ReviewsSea Eagle has been in existence for over forty years and has provided quality, safe, and reliable boating equipment for a variety of activities. Based in New York, this company provides a wide range of equipment that is safe, lightweight, easy to assemble, and durable in affordable and economic packages. Their inflatable boats are suitable for fishing, whitewater kayaking, weekend getaways, motoring, and sailing.

Sea Eagle’s FoldCat line features a variety of pontoon boats that are suitable for fishing trips. There are two different models, and based on the capacity needed and the type of trip being planned, the customer can choose the most appropriate boat as well as which package is best and most affordable.

The Frameless Pontoon Boats are also designed for fishing and are very durable and strong. They inflate in less than five minutes and are then fully functional. Be sure to read our Sea Eagle 285 fpb review to learn more about these extremely fun boats.

Sea Eagle’s Sport Kayaks are lightweight and portable and perfect for whitewater rafting trips of different varieties. There are two discount packages available that incorporate this model of boat.

For customers who are planning more active and strenuous whitewater rafting trips, Sea Eagle offers their FastTrack inflatable kayaks, which come in two different models. These kayaks are sleeker, faster, and more rigid while still being inflatable, durable, and lightweight.

Sea Eagle Inflatable Boat ReviewNext are the Sea Eagle Motormount Boats, which are designed for more social and fun fishing trips. There are three different models of Motormount Boats, which are each designed to accommodate a different number of people:

Based on the number of people included, the customer can choose the most appropriate model or choose from four different discount packages.

Sea Eagle also offers three different models of Explorer Kayaks which are equipped handle more intense whitewater rapids or open-water wilderness touring. These are designed to withstand Class IV rapids yet are very lightweight, durable, easy to transport, and take less than ten minutes to fully inflate.

Sea Eagle’s line of Sport Runabouts features the most rugged of their inflatable boats and come in three different models:

These boats are extremely strong and can accommodate up to seven adults! It is equipped to handle rough waters and is regularly used by police and fire departments.

Sea Eagle Inflatable BoatThe Sea Eagle 8.10 Yacht Tender is designed to safely transport customers to their yachts. These boats are also very durable and can accommodate up to four adults. There are two discount packages that include this model.

Next is the Sea Eagle PaddleSki. This boat is designed for paddling, motoring, rowing, sailing, or fishing. It has an extremely structure and can accommodate two adults. There are seven discount packages available with this model.

The Sea Eagle SailCat 14sc is simple and fun and suitable for beginners and families. It is easy to assemble and can hold up to four people. It features a sixty-square foot sail and is included in two discount packages.

The Sea Eagle LongBoard is the newest of the Sea Eagle models and is a stand-up paddleboard. It provides exercise for the consumer looking for a good workout.

Sea Eagle Inflatable Boat Reviews, Opinions, and Testimonials

“I give the five star rating. We used it on a lake in Montana all summer, powered by a 36 lb. thrust Minnkota.
We used it mostly to troll for trout. We partially assemble the boat and carry it semi inflated in the back of our pickup when we take the travel trailer to lakes near and far from home. This arrangement works well and I am pretty much able to handle the boat by myself while unloading however it takes both of us to reload it in the truck from the boat ramp.”

- John Anderson,
Texas City, TX

“Bottom Line; Our Sea Eagle 9 has just been incredible. By the end of the trip we will have done 750 miles in this boat. We will take nothing else on river trips again.”

- Brad Beaver & Kathy Blasic,
Washington, MO

“We purchased a Model SE-8 Sea Eagle Boat to use as a tender for our 30 Ft. motor boat. We used the Sea Eagle in Narragansett Bay and at Martha’s Vineyard and Cuttyhunk to go from our anchorage to the shore. We are more than happy with our SE 8 Model Sea Eagle in every way.

We deflate it at the end of our cruise and inflate it the next time we need it. We are amazed at how easy it is to inflate and set the floor boards and outboard mount in place. We have used it with our three horse power outboard motor and have also rowed it a few times.

It is a joy to use. We store it in a large canvas sea bag and it fits under our dinette in the cabin with ease. For anyone wanting a great, easy to use, safe and reasonably priced inflatable, I would highly recommend the Sea Eagle 8.”

- Capt. Chet Hathaway
M/V Nor-Easter
Martha’s Vineyard, MA

“I purchased a 14SR boat last year and would like to thank you for a great product and excellect customer service to back up your products.

I routinely use my boat to flyfish the Delaware River, Raritan, Sandy Hook and Barnegat Bays as well as the near shore Atlantic Ocean fishing. It is a very stable and comfortable flyfishing platform that can go just about anywhere.
I highly recommend your boats.”

- Gary J. Basko,
Jackson, NJ

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