Rhode Island Company to Build Inflatable Boats for U.S. Coast Guard

Naiad InflatablesNaiad Inflatables, a Portsmouth, Rhode Island company, has been contracted to produce 40 inflatable boats for the U.S. Coast Guard.

If the United States Government decides to increase the contract to 80 boats, the owner of the company, Stephen Connett, reports that the contract will be worth approximately $24 million.

Earlier this week, the first of the $300,000 rigid-hull inflatable boats reportedly made a test run in Narragansett Bay.

According to Stephen Connett, the boats are approximately 8 meters in length, have a range of 240 miles, and can exceed 40 knots. They’re custom designed to be carried on the back of a brand new class of Coast Guard cutter.

The boats that Naiad Inflatables is making for the Coast Guard can be used for boarding operations and rescue missions, with a removable gun mount on the foredeck.

The first inflatable boat is expected to be mated with its Coast Guard cutter in September 2011.

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